1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment

  • 1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment
  • 1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment
  • 1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment
  • 1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment
1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment
  • SLET
  • Shangdong ,China
  • 30 working days
  • 5 sets in one month

Heating way:electric heating/steam heating/direct fire heating
Brewery certifications: CE,PED,LVD
Warranty: main beer brewery equipment for 3 years warranty

1000L Craft Beer Equipment Hot Sale 10HL Micro Beer Brewery Equipment

Jinan Shun Long Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest and best professional beer brewing equipment 

manufacturer and exporter in China.Our products include all kinds of large,medium and small brewery equipment,daily 

output from 50L~5000L and even larger capacity beer equipment for beer plant.All the equipment can be customized.

Our company strictly follow German beer equipment production technology,design and manufacture beer equipment applying to domestic and foreign customers.

With our perfect before and after sales service,we serve the customers all over the world.You are welcomed to visit our factory and office.

Our company have passed the CE certificate.

beer equipment

SLET hot sale model specification





NumbersBeer output per day/BatchWhole speceCellar heightPowerFermenting period

Note: 1hl=100liter; 1Gallon=3.7854liter; 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liter;

Complete beer brewery equipment details list:

Machine partItemQuantityRemark
Malt milling systemMalt mill1Double/four roller, with grist hopper, hydrator
Saccharifying systemMash tun1SUS,500L volume,with agitator

Lauter tun1SUS,500L volume,with agitator

Kettle/whirlpool tank1SUS,500L volume,steam/electric heating

Hot water tank1SUS,500L,electric/steam heating

Wort pump2Stainless steel

Hot water pump1SUS

Heat exchanger1SUS,double stage

Mashing pipesAssortedSUS

Working platform1SUS
Fermenting systemFermentersFollow customers requirementsSUS.700L/1400L capacity,dimple cooling jacket

Bright beer tank

Yeast tank1SUS

Beer pipes1 setSanitary tube,plastic

Coolant pipesassortedSUS

Insulation pipesassortedPolyurethane
Cooling systemIce water tankAssortedSUS,double layers,polyurethane,capacity being confirmed as actual cool requirement

Refrigerating unit

Ice water pump1SUS

Cleaning systemCIp station1 set100L,SUS,include alkali,acid,sterilize.
Control systemcontrol cabinet1SUS,with power control

The finished beer brewery equipment pictures:

craft beer brewery equipment

Conical beer fermentation tanks

The deatails of the beer brewery equipment

beer brewery equipment

Our services:

Pre-sale service:

1.Make the equipment details specifications to customers.

2.We can supply the OEM process,according to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment

3.Layout plan in CAD drawing.

4.The competitive price and the timely delivery

After-sale service:

1.Provide the required customs declaration files,timely tracking freight.

2.The equipment main configurations for 3 years warranty time,such as the valves and so on

3.Professional engineers for installation,commissioning,maintenance

4.Directed by executable remote installation(with no experience in beer,equipment installation experience,can also perform operations,please make this clear before custom equipment,we have successful cases)

beer equipment

The beer brewery equipment brewing process

Once equipment is installed to form the brewing "system", you can begin to produce fresh, craft beers. Here are the steps of the brewing process as the ingredients flow through the system:

[ 1 ] - Mill

A high-quality, adjustable, two-roll mill crushes the barley to the desired coarseness to form grist.

[ 2 ] - Combi Vessel

Actually two tanks in one: In the top unit, called the Mash/Lauter Vessel, grist and hot water are mixed to produce mash.From this, a clear substance called wort is extracted. The bottom unit of the Combi VEssel holds the additional hot water (liquor) needed for brewing and clean-up

[ 3 ] - Manifold

During the brewing process, wort and hot and cold water must move easily through the brewhaouse. The Manifold is a nine-valve control station which allows all liquid to transfer in a safe, sanitary manner. This eliminates liquid spillage and contamination, which may occur when connections or disconnectiong hoeses and clamps, or using swing arm panels.

[ 4 ] - Brew Kettle

Here wort is brought to boil and mixed with hops, which adds bitterness and aroma to the mixture. Depending on customer preference, the Brew Kettle can be directly gas-fired or steam heated. It mau ca clad in stanless steel and copper, or furnished with the classic onion0shaped dome.

[ 5 ] - Plate Heat Exchanger

Using tap water, chiled water, glycol or a combination of the three, this compact unit efficiently cools wort before it's transferred to the fermenter. The Exchanger also returns excess hot water to the Hot Water (liquor) Tank for use in the next brew.

[ 6 ] - Fermenters

HEre yeast is added to wort to create the distinctive composition and flavor of beer. Our special disign allows for fermentation, aging, carbonation and lagering all in onetank, if desired. This saves the brewer time and minimizes space. Fermenters are individually temperature controlled. (ASME Code Approved Optional.)

[ 7 ] - Filter

At this stage, yeast is removed from the mixture, eaving brillantly clear beer. A palte-and-frame or horizontal diatomaceous filter is employed to recover every last drop of beer to minimize and filter the product for packaging.

[ 8 ] - Serving Vessels

These units receive and hold the filteres beer for direct service to the bar. Or thay may be used as holding tanks for packaging the product. (ASME Code Approved Optional.)

beer brewery equipment

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